Infantryman Builds

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Infantryman Builds

Post by Blood on Mon Oct 12, 2015 6:06 am

(Class Name: [RnR] Stryker))
Weapons: Semi-Auto/Bolt-Action Rifle + Semi-Automatic Machine Gun
Badges: Heavy Set + Hoarder (Requires Veteran Rank; this build can be achieved with just hoarder equipped, but you're damage mitigation severely suffers).

(Class Name: [RnR] Destroyer)
Weapons: Semi-Auto/Rifle or Machine Gun + Bazooka/Panzer (Semi-Auto Scoped Rifle is suggested to clear out foot soldiers, SMG for point captures and defending until reinforcements arrive).
Badges: Heavy Set + Hoarder (If carrying SMG) or Iron Fist

(Class Name: [RnR] Demolitions)
Weapons: Whichever main weapon you choose + Mines + Anti Tank Grenade(s). (If you run hoarder while using a rifle of any kind you will be able to carry a 3rd demolition type)
Badges: Heavy Set + Dynamite Lover or Hoarder

*We will continue to update this topic as time goes on, as of now these are just the ones I run for wars, post a reply with your build and a class name you would like it to be named; we'll vote on the name and also the build to be posted up here*

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